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By choosing this tour you will get the opportunity to discover more about the amazing north of morocco, as well as some imperial cities.

The north of Morocco is mostly recognizable by its charm and peaceful touch that you won’t feel in any other places in the country.

It is entire concept is based on relaxation, fun, and great outings.

You will have eleven days with our companionship to discover the most possible about Morocco and live one wonderful travelling experience.

You will learn more about it by going through the detailed itinerary we have here for you.

We assure you the most experienced, friendly and multi languages speaking drivers and guides throughout the entire tour.

We also assure you the most comfortable vehicles you can find in the market to ensure your total comfort and safety.

Your tour will include the following sightseeing: ( Tangier – Assila – Tetouane – Chefchaouen – Fes – Meknes)



Depending on your arrival location, your driver will pick you up and take you to your place of residence so you can rest then your journey can begins with a guided visit of the city.

Your tour will be starting from Tangier, located in northern Morocco, and which is the result of an uncontrolled mix of North Africa, Spain, Portugal and France without forgetting that it was under a joint international control until 1956.

This fascinating Moroccan city has many of the things that travelers love to explore in the sense of interesting history, exotic mystery, and unspoiled beaches.

Tangier is separated from Spain by the 20 miles of the Strait of Gibraltar so frequent you will be witnessing ferries make the short crossing from Europe each day, and many cruise ships sailing between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic which often include this city as a port of call.

There are many things that we suggest you to do while you are here and your driver will make sure to take you to all the places you need to visit and assist you with valuable information that can make a serious difference in your travelling experience.

You will get a half day tour taking you to visit most of the important sightseeing of the city so you can have a better idea about the place and also to facilitate your walking around the city on your own.

From the places you will get the chance to visit will be the “Tangier American Legation Museum”; a prosperous cultural center, museum, conference center and library in the heart of the old medina.

It is housed in the only historic landmark of the United States located abroad.

The museum exhibits a large collection of art and historical items.

It also has a Paul Bowles Wing dedicated to the writer and composer who lived most of his adult life in Tangier.

Your tour will also take you to the tomb of “Ibn Battuta”, a 14th century famous traveler who was born in this city, then we go onward to “The Kasbah Museum”, the previous Sultan’s palace which deserves to be seen not only for its collection of artifacts from the Phoenician to modern times, but also for the building and garden.

Once your tour is over we will be heading back to your hotel or riad where you will be spending the night and enjoying a nice dinner as well.


Today you will have all the time to wonder around the streets of tangier and walk around the fascinating beaches of this place and discover more about it on your own.

From the things we suggest you to do could be enjoying a mint tea at the Coffee shop “Hafa” and enjoy the breath taking ocean view.

You can also visit the caves of Hercules, located just 14kms west of Tangiers and well known by their stunning natural beauty and great archeological significance.

The cave also bears a mirror image resemblance to the continent of Africa.

The cave is within a kilometer of a beautiful sandy beach (Plage Achkar), great for sunbathing or swimming.

And to end your evening you can also enjoy getting lost in the streets of the old medina of Tangier which gets busier during the evening and late night.

Dinner is served at your hotel or riad in Tangier.


After enjoying a relaxing breakfast in your riad or hotel you will be picked up by your driver to take you on a fascinating excursion to the Larache area and Assilah.

These two places are a treat offered from our services and we are sure you will get to enjoy them very much.

larache is an important harbor town in the region of Tanger, Tetouan and Al Hoceima in northern Morocco with a population of approximately 125,008.

The layout of the old town is typically Moorish, while houses in the new town seem to share the andalusian in style.

This small town has a unique charm to it that you will enjoy a lot.

Once this break is over we will head to Assilah the gorgeous whitewashed resort town where it feels like somewhere on a Greek island.

Assilah is an easy and hassle-free introduction to Morocco which has become a favorite stop on the traveler’s trail of the North Atlantic coast.

Asilah has become a popular seaside resort that hosts an annual music and arts festival each August and considered to be a cultural extravaganza featuring both studio and performing artists from all over the world.

Journalists, writers, painters, musicians, and dancers gather at this arts festival spreading in this town fabulous colors, enthusiasm, and great energy.

Once this tour is over we will head back to Tangier where you will be spending the night and having dinner.


After enjoying your breakfast we will be heading to another coastal town which is Tetouan where you will be spending the night and enjoying a nice dinner at your riad or hotel.

Tetouan is a city in northern Morocco positioned in the middle of a belt of orchards that contain orange, almond, pomegranate and cypress trees.

It consist one of the two major ports of the country on the Mediterranean Sea.

It lies a few miles south of the Strait of Gibraltar, and about 60 km of Tangier.

This town is considered as a jewel in an outstanding location at the foot of the Rif Mountains, and just a few kilometers from the sea.

You can feel an air of authenticity here that adds great value to a visit.

The ancient medina, a Unesco World Heritage site, looks like it has not changed in several centuries though.

Some of the most recommended places to visit in this city and your tour will include are the Spanish Cathedral, the big mosque, the Kasbah, the old royal palace dating from the 17rg century, the old medina or market of course and the Hassan ll square.

Your guide will be also taking you on a visit to the old Jewish mellah and the Berber souk or market.

You will be enjoying a nice dinner at your riad or hotel in Tetouan where you will be spending the night and getting ready for our next day’s journey.


After breakfast we will be heading to our next destination which is Chefchaouen but first of all we are going to drop you at your hotel or riad so you can rest and leave your baggage then after lunch we have a private guide picking you up and taking you on a historical tour of this blue town to give you a better idea about its origins and best places to wonder around once you are on your own since you will have the opportunity to spend two days in this beautiful little town.

Chefchaouen is situated in the Rif Mountains and represents a popular tourist destination because of its proximity to Tangier and the Spanish commune.

It is one of the prettiest towns in Morocco, considered to be an artsy, blue-washed mountain village that feels like a part of another world.

It is considered as a popular shopping destination as well as it offers many native handicrafts that are not available elsewhere in Morocco.

Your tour will be including the old medina which is a delight of the Moroccan and Andalucian influence with red-tiled roofs, bright-blue buildings and narrow lanes converging on busy Plaza, Uta hammam and its restored Kasbah and also a ruined mosque built by the Spanish, with stairs still in the tower.

Once you get back to your riad or hotel you will have a great dinner with some of the region’s signature dishes like the goat cheese salad and the lamb tajine with prunes or chicken pastilla.

Day 6CHEFCHAOUEN FREE DAY (possible excursion to Akshour waterfalls)

Today you have the entire day to wonder on your own paste through the streets of this blue town and get to enjoy it even more.

An excursion to the waterfalls of Akshour which is 40 minutes from Chefchaouen can be organised throughout the day but you will need to request that in advance.

Dinner is served at your riad or hotel where you will be spending the night.

Day 7CHEFCHAOUEN – FES (cooking class)

Today we will be leaving Chefchaouen toward our next destination which is Fez the first imperial city of Morocco.

The road on its own will be fascinating due to the spectacular views the Rif Mountains gets to offer.

We have about three hours to get to your hotel or riad where you will be staying and we have reserved a very creative cooking class that you will be starting in the afternoon with a professional chef who will be taking you on a short tour to pick up the vegetables and fruits you will be needing for the cooking course and then take you back to your place of residence where this chef will be explaining for you all the steps needed to make the food you will in fact be enjoying in your dinner time.

This is supposed to be a lot of fun and at the mean time a very instructive activity that we are proud to share with you.


Today after breakfast in your hotel or riad you will have your private guide taking you on a guided tour of the old medina of Fes which will be one fascinating experience on its own since the old medina is the largest and oldest dynamic square in the world, even bigger than the one in Marrakech like many think it is.

It is standing still and very alive like you will witness with your own eyes once your tour begins.

You will be given the opportunity to visit the royal palace which is the oldest and largest in Morocco, then head to the Jewish quarter.

Something fascinating about this place so called “Mellah” is that it is officially the first Jewish quarter in Morocco and its fortified walls are standing still until now a days.

During your tour you will be given a whole historical idea concerning the Jewish dynasty that has lived in this imperial city starting since the 14th century and more specifically since the year of 1438 when the first Mellah was officially established.

Once our Jewish quarter presentation is over we will be heading to discover more about the fascinating old medina of Fes and our next stop will be the Tanneries after we cross the fruits and vegetables outdoor market while witnessing the locals buying their daily needs for their delicious cooking then we take you to the Quaraouine University which is the Oldest existing, Continually operating and the first degree Awarding educational institution in the world according to the UNESCO and Guinness World Records, after words we head to The Moulay Idriss Mausoleum then to the Nejarine Square.

Our exploration of the old part of the medina of Fes doesn’t stop here so we will take you through the Attarine streets where you will be captivated by the diversity of the scents of oils and spices, you will also get the chance to witness a demonstration of the making of modern and traditional carpets and scarves in a local carpet manufacturing before we take you to The Madrasa Bou Inania widely acknowledged as a great example of the Merinid architecture.

Once your tour is over we will take you back to your hotel or riad in Fes where you will be having dinner and spending the night.

Day 9FES EXTENSIVE VISIT & hammam-massage

Today after breakfast we will be expanding our visit to the imperial city of Fes through the Batha Museum located in a magnificent 19th-century summer palace and rehabilitated to a museum in 1916, the Batha Museum houses a great collection of traditional Moroccan arts and crafts, historical and artistic artifacts which include fine woodcarving, zellij and sculpted plaster.

It also has some fine embroidery representing the Fassi culture, colorful Berber carpets and antique instruments.

Afterwards we will be heading to the Jnan Sbil Garden as a break before we take you back to your Riad or hotel.

In the evening time we will be taking you to a great spa where you will be living the Moroccan hammam experience and getting a full body massage so you can get to relax and distress and be able to head to your next destination all refreshed.

Dinner will be served in your riad or hotel in Fes.


After breakfast at your riad or hotel we will be heading onward to discover another imperial city which Meknes where you will be spending the night and having dinner.

Before we get there we will be stopping at Moulay Driss town then Oualili or Volubilis like its known.

Once we start our tour we will be making our first stop in Moulay driss, spectacular with its high defensive walls, immense gate, koranic schools, fountains, and domed mausoleum.

The Tomb of Moulay Idriss is closed to non-Muslims, but can always be seen from the terrace near the Mosque of Sidi Abdallah el Hajjam.

Some breathtaking views of the town and the mausoleum can be witnessed at this holy place.

Once this tour is over we will head to the Roman ruins of Volubilis or as it’s referred to it now by “Oualili”.

It was recently recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site for its breathtaking archeological sites standing still and proving the greatness of the Roman Empire ornamented with stunning mosaics and colorful strips.

Once this tour is over we will head to Meknes which is the second imperial city of morocco which considered being the achievements of one of the supreme Sultans in the history of Morocco, “Moulay Ismail”.

Through this visit you will be getting the chance to discover all what this imperial city has to offer with its several tall minarets, massive extension of walls and monumental gates passing through Bab el Khemis and the old medina to get to the Islamic cemetery which takes us to the entrance of the old Mellah or like it’s known “the Jewish Quarter”, and before leaving Meknes we will be stopping by one of the most important and beautiful gateway of the city which is Bab el Mansour.


Depending on your departure time and place your driver will be picking you up and taking you to your departure airport while hoping you had a great time with Morocco Pleasure Travel.

We say our Goodbyes, Bislema!

What’s included
  • Hotels 10 nights
  • 10 Breakfasts
  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Professional English Speaking Driver
  • Entrance Fees to historical sites
  • Professional Guides in Tanger,Chefchaouen,Fez,Volubilis
  • Portage Tips
What’s not included
  • Airfare
  • Drinks
  • Personal Spending
  • Tips for guides and drivers
  • Travel Insurance