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Morocco tours Henna : Henna is a plant grows in the Mediteranian area. Its leaves are grinded to form a green powder. Then, this powder is mixed with some lemon and water to have a thick paste. Henna makers use a needle, stick or brush to apply the paste directly on the skin by forming beautiful designs on different parts of the body. henna is left on the skin to get darker. then the paste is removed to leave colorful shape on the hands or the tatoed part of the body.

Besides its visual beauty, Moroccan people still believe Henna tatoo as a symbol of good luck. It is said that Henna tatoo protect against the evil eye, and ill fortunes.

Moroccan Henna is a popular tradition in Morocco worn by women of all ages.

During special occasions such as Moroccan weddings, holidays and circumcisions, women get henna on their hands and feet.

It’s a temporary design applied to your skin in a brownish paste made from powder.

Many women also apply henna to their entire body and/or hair in the hammam once a week.

It has a distinguished smell and needs to be left on the skin to dry for several hours to achieve darker, longer lasting results.

Sometimes, black henna is used, but it can be dangerous so stick to the regular henna for safety.

It is an integral part of Moroccan life and it is more than a pretty design.

During the workshop, you will learn about the history and culture of Moroccan henna, as well as an in depth look at how to break down designs, construct patterns, combine elements, and more.