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Fez Sightseeing tour

In Fez Sightseeing tour Your driver will meet you at your hotel in Fez at 09:00 to visit the Mellah, the medina and souks, the famous tanneries, mosques and madrasas exquisite, the famous pottery kilns in Fez, a tour around the walls with numerous Babs and visit the famous Museum of Moroccan Art.

We start with our player via Mechouer the impressive Dar el Makhzen to stop for about 15 minutes at the Royal Palace with its magnificent seven bronze doors to keep the South Borj for a panoramic view of the Medina.

Off now to start our walking tour of the labyrinth of the medina of Fez (UNESCO World Heritage) of the es Sebbaghine with its colorful street of dyers, brass and brass workers at es- Seffarine through the winding streets of the Great Mosque el-Quarawiyyin and the University, a journey into the past to the magnificent Mosque and Souk el-Atterine adjacent aromatic spices and vegetables, beautiful Medersa el-Atterine, Quarters and the Kissaria Draz and fame Tanneries on the bank of the Oued Fez.

Now instead of delicious el-Najjarine with its Plaza fountain caravanserai and artists in the woodwork.

Nearby we stop for a lunch, Now the Dar Batha Museum and a tour of the Moroccan Art before joining our vehicle Bab Boujloud.

This is the work done for the day, for now we will go to the area of ​​16th century Potters (Fakhkharin), not far from the present Bab Ftouh in an area called Guerouaoua to watch the artists working in their ovens and by chance to buy some of their unique clayware.

Back in our car and now for a tour around the beautiful ramparts with its beautiful Babs until the watchtower of the sixteenth century Saadian to Borj Nord for yet another, but so different from the city of 1001 nights panoramic view.

So much history, so much variety, so many memories to be captured on film before finally returning by car to our hotel at the end of a great day.

Half day excursion :

Leaving your Fez hotel around 9 o’clock , your guide will take you to Bab Boujloud, built in 1913 and the main entrance to Fez el-Bali.

Here you start your walking tour of the labyrinth of the medina of Fez (UNESCO World Heritage) by visiting the beautiful 14 th century Medersa Bou Anania the largest madrasas built by Merinids .

(Closed on Tuesdays) and the Dar el-Magana nearby which houses a clepsydra, or water clock (current restoration can restrict access).

Now the renowned Tanneries on the bank of the Oued Fes, despite the strong smell, it is one of the most picturesque souks of Fez.

You continue through es Seffarine and brass workers, down the es-Sebbaghine with its colorful street of Dyers and the region of El-Atterine souk spices and groceries, outside Great Mosque and al-Quarawiyyin University and the Medersa el-Atterine ,this is considered one of the wonders of Moorish architecture, built between 1323 and 1325 by Sultan Abu Said Othman Merinid.

You go through the tomb of Moulay Idriss the second rule Idrissids considered the founder of Fez, built in the 18th century and restored in the mid 19th century until its final judgment, the charming Place el-Najjarine with its fountain and caravans.

Depending on your hotel, you can walk back or get a taxi for the short journey to your accommodation after this trip in 1200 years of history.